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From RE/MAX of Nanaimo’s humble beginnings, to the market-dominating business it is today, the company continues to grow and adapt to suit client and agent needs. Some things, however, never change. Our commitment to service, ethics, and continual education means that our clients can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Nanaimo’s top real estate professionals, while our REALTORS® benefit from a working environment that supports their professional and personal growth.

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6 Tips For Saving Money Around Your House

Owning a home and keeping it in tip-top shape can be costly. Small costs can quickly add up and sometimes become overwhelming. Here are a few tips for saving money around your house, anytime of the year.

Tips for saving money.

1. Rent or borrow tools.

If you have a project to do but don’t have the right tools, look at renting or borrowing them. If your project is a one-time job and you won’t need the tools again once it’s finished, it doesn’t always make sense to buy them.

2. Install programmable thermostats.

This will keep your home at the optimum temperature without having the thermostats pushed up and down to extremes.

3. Seal air gaps around windows and doors.

Caulking and weather stripping are inexpensive fixes and ensure you’re not losing heat during the cooler months, or air-conditioned cool air during the warmer months.

4. Clean out vents and air ducts annually.

To prevent dust buildup and don’t block air vents with furniture. Replace furnace filters each fall so your furnace runs more efficiently through the winter.

5. Turn off the lights.

Old fashioned incandescent bulbs give off 90% of their energy as heat and only 10% as light. Turn off lights in rooms you’re not using and switch to LED or compact fluorescents to save on energy costs around the house.

6. Use a push mower to mow your lawn.

Don’t knock it until you try it! Sure it’s a bit harder than pushing an electric or gas mower, but you’ll save money on your gas or hydro expenses during the year. And it’s good exercise, especially if you have a slope in your yard.

Each of these items will save you a bit of money each month. But, add them all up and you’ll find that the savings can be significant over the course of a year.

If you’re looking to buy a new home, or have one to sell, call RE/MAX of Nanaimo today at (250) 751-1223 and one of our expert agents will be happy to help.

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Market Update Summerized

Nanaimo’s Real Estate Market Update summarized what’s happening the the real estate market in your area.

Monthly Nanaimo real estate market stats that analyze the Vancouver Island real estate market north of the Malahat. These Nanaimo real estate market stats can be useful in establishing trends when applied over a period of time. Keep in mind that the information does not indicate the actual value of any particular property.

Find out what your home may be worth in today’s market.

If you require specific information on property values please contact one of our REALTORS®or call (250) 751-1223.

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7 Tips For Securing Your Home When You Travel

For a lot of people, a winter vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Have you thought about securing your home when you travel? How can you make sure your home is secure while you’re away for a couple of weeks enjoying the sun?

Securing Your Home

  1. Mail hold. Contact the post office and ask them to hold your mail while you’re away. Mail won’t pile up in your home mailbox, reducing the risk that burglars can easily discover their next target. The cost is minimal but the peace of mind is priceless.
  2. Snow removal. Hire a gardening company or snow removal service. Depending on where you live, you might want to consider hiring someone to either mow the lawn or clear the snow from your sidewalks and driveways while you’re away.
  3. Light timers. Buy some timers to turn on your lights at random times. This gives the appearance that someone is home and lowers the risk of someone trying to break in.
  4. Parking vehicles. Have a neighbor park their car on your driveway so the home doesn’t look empty, especially if you’re taking your car with you or leaving it the airport.
  5. Buy a safe. Buy a code-opening safe for your valuables. Locking up your jewellery, trinkets or important papers ensures they’ll still be protected when you’re away. Depending on the size of the safe you purchase, you can tuck it away where it’s not easily seen or found.
  6. Garage door. Disable the electronic garage door opener. Because garage door openers have codes, it’s possible for someone to figure out how to open the door with another remote. By disabling the system, it makes it virtually impossible for someone to gain access using another remote.
  7. Home security system. Install a home security system that you can have monitored, or that you can check yourself on your phone. You’ll be immediately notified if there’s a problem and can deal with it as soon as you become aware of it.

A lot of home insurance policies require someone check on the home every few days, so make sure you know the requirements of your specific policy. Arrange for a friend or neighbor to go in the house every few days just to make sure there are no water leaks or other issues. 

If you are considering a long term holiday and would like to rent out your home, call our in-house Property Management team at (250) 751-1223.

2017 Franchise Times 200 Rankings, RE:MAX #1 in Real Estate

RE/MAX Leading Real Estate Franchise

RE/MAX was once again a top 10 franchise and the leading real estate franchise for the 9th consecutive year in the annual Franchise Times Top 200+® survey. This put RE/MAX at the same level of other household names as a top real estate brand with companies such as:

RE/MAX Leading Real Estate Franchise

RE/MAX was no. 8 overall, the closest competitors not very close at all, with Keller Williams Realty at no. 17 and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at no. 51.

  • RE/MAX ranked No. 2 for total SALES volume growth
  • RE/MAX ranked No. 8 for UNIT growth

The average sales growth of the top 10 companies was 2.8 percent – RE/MAX grew by 11.8 percent!

Original source:

Data source: 

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Nanaimo Real Estate Market Update August 2017

Nanaimo’s Real Estate Market Update summarized what’s happening the the real estate market in your area.

Monthly Nanaimo real estate market stats that analyze the Vancouver Island real estate market north of the Malahat. These Nanaimo real estate market stats can be useful in establishing trends when applied over a period of time. Keep in mind that the information does not indicate the actual value of any particular property.

Find out what your home may be worth in today’s market.

If you require specific information on property values please contact one of our REALTORS®.Real Estate Market Stats, Nanaimo, Real Estate, Homes Sold In Nanaimo

Disclaimer: This representation is based in whole or in part on data generated by the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) which assumes no responsibility for its accuracy.

4 Homework stations for kids, Back To School

4 Homework Stations For Kids

School will soon be back in full swing, and the kids loaded down with homework each night. But do they have a dedicated space to get it done? Here are 4 homework stations for kids, Learn how to create a space the kids will be able to use to get the homework done, with a minimum of fuss.

Homework Stations For Kids

  1. Kitchen desk. Does your kitchen already have an area like a “phone desk”, or a spot where your countertops extend far enough to create a desk work space? This is ideal if you want to keep an eye on what they are doing. You’re also nearby to offer assistance if they get stuck on a math problem.
  2. Loft beds. These look like a typical bunkbed, except the bottom bunk is a dedicated work space to get the homework done all in one place. Work down below, sleep up top, and use the rest of the bedroom for whatever activity your child enjoys. Check out places like Staples, Home Depot or Ikea for the bed best suited for your child.
  3. Flip-down, wall mounted units. Are exactly what they sound like. These are compact units designed to fold up when not in use, making the most of a small space. They keep the kids organized, but are safely out of the way when you don’t need them.
  4. Modifying a kitchen island. Install a narrow shelf below the overhang if you are planning a renovation anytime soon that includes an island. Use a hidden power source and a place to store laptops and other homework essentials. The clutter stays hidden and the kids can do their homework in the kitchen.

Are you a handyman?

Other ideas for the handyman in the family include:

  • Converting a small closet into a work space.
  • Using chalkboards as a desktop (these are great for doing math problems).
  • Re-furbishing an old crib into a work station.

Whichever way works best for your family, be sure there’s storage space to keep supplies nearby and a trash can for any garbage the kids create. Also, make sure the desk or furniture are at a height the child won’t grow out of in the next year. You don’t want to be rebuilding the wall unit every year and it’s much easier to adjust a chair height as they grow.

Browse homework station ideas on Pinterest.

If you simply don’t have enough space to create a dedicated homework station and need to move to a bigger home, call one of our expert agents today at RE/MAX of Nanaimo at (250) 751-1223.

Introducing the new RE/MAX brand refresh! RE/MAX introduces the new RE/MAX brand refresh. A fresh look after 44 years and ready for digital platforms.

The RE/MAX real estate network is getting even stronger. Today in San Francisco, RE/MAX Co-CEOs, Dave Liniger and Adam Contos, revealed a refreshed RE/MAX brand, including the world famous balloon logo and wordmark, to hundreds of franchise owners at the annual RE/MAX Broker Owner Conference.
“Our new look better represents the enthusiastic entrepreneurs who comprise our network … great brands evolve and RE/MAX is no different. We believe the updated balloon and wordmark will help our agents grow their business and give them an even bigger competitive advantage in digital, social media and mobile marketing.” – Adam Contos

RE/MAX Brand Refresh, RE/MAX of Nanaimo, Real Estate

RE/MAX Brand Refresh

Nanaimo’s Real Estate Market Update summarized what’s happening the the real estate market in your area. Find out what your home may be worth in today’s market.Nanaimo Real Estate Market Update July 2017

For more information about the Nanaimo Real Estate Market or to connect with an experienced Real Estate Agent, call us at 250-751-1223

Stats source: VIREB

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5 Reasons To Live In Nanaimo

If you’re thinking of moving to Nanaimo, here are 5 reasons to live in Nanaimo.

5 Reasons to live in Nanaimo.

  1. Small city feel with big city amenities.

Nanaimo offers all of the amenities, events, festivals, arts, sporting activities, and shopping. There is so much more without the headache of big city traffic. If you want art exhibits, the theater or other cultural activities and events, Nanaimo has them. If you want an active outdoor lifestyle, Nanaimo has everything you could ever want. Try paddle boarding, to sailing, hiking, camping, sports or anything else you can think of. The City of Nanaimo website has a calendar of events that lets you easily find events or activities for you and your family. Go to to see what’s happening throughout the year.

  1. Cost of living.

Housing prices in the Nanaimo and mid-island area are on the rise but it’s still a great time to buy a home in the area. There are homes available to suite almost any budget and every lifestyle. With a small community feel, Nanaimo is a wonderful place to raise your kids. Or if you think you want to retire here, now is a perfect time to buy an investment property to move into later.

  1. Moderate climate.

Summers are typically warm and sunny, perfect for doing all the outdoor activities you love. Winters are moderate. Nanaimo doesn’t generally drop much below freezing and for the most part, doesn’t get a lot of snow (occasional exceptions apply).

  1. Well-regarded education system.

Starting with pre-school and kindergarten, and continuing through University, Nanaimo has a wonderful school system. Private, public and French immersion schools can all be found in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island University, home to a large number of international, as well as local students, offers first-rate programs for those interested in furthering their education, no matter what their age.

  1. Medical services.

In Nanaimo, there is no shortage of excellent medical care. Doctors are drawn here from all over the world. For a lot of the reasons we’ve already looked at and Nanaimo residents benefit from their world experiences and care. Nanaimo Regional General Hospital is easily accessible and offers top-notch medical assistance to those who need it.

While there are many more reasons why Nanaimo is a terrific place to live, these are a few to get you started. When you’re ready to make the jump to island life, call one of our expert agents at RE/MAX of Nanaimo at (250) 751-1223.

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How Will Your RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Market Your Home?

When you’re thinking of selling your home, your real estate agent will provide a marketing plan that shows you exactly how they plan to market your home to the public. In today’s electronic age, what does it mean exactly? How will a Real Estate Agent market your home?

Real Estate Agent market your home.

Multiple Listing Services (MLS).

Unless you’ve signed an exclusive listing agreement, your home will be posted on the multiple listing service website. Anyone with a computer can access these listings and view your home on-line to decide if they want to come and take a look. They’ll see a map of the location, find all the pertinent details about its’ size and features, and also be able to view photographs of the inside.

Agent and Brokerage websites.

Real estate agents have their own websites which feature their own listings. This ensures your property is prominently showcased on their page and highlights the best aspects of the home. Buyers can decide whether or not your home might meet their needs before ever setting foot on the property, so you’ll usually only get serious buyers coming through your home.

Social Media. Facebook and Twitter.

Most real estate agents use Facebook to get the word out about their listings. They can link their website to the post which increases the exposure your property will receive and hopefully translates into a quick sale. A lot of agents also use Twitter to feature your home. While Twitter only allows a short description of the property, the right words can grab a buyers’ attention and stimulate their curiousity enough to want to take a look at your home.

Social media plays a large and important role in exposing real estate to the public. And while one person might not be in the market for a new home, they may know someone who is and can share the link or the post with their friends, who can share it with their friends, and so on.

In Nanaimo, where homes are selling almost as quickly as they become available, that’s an invaluable resource. Spotlighting your home on social media and on-line increases the odds of securing a sale in a timely manner and lets sellers and buyers alike move on to their next new home adventure.

When you’re ready to sell your home, call an experienced agent at RE/MAX of Nanaimo. They can be reached anytime at (250) 751-1223.