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Canada Housing Market Outlook 2016

RE/MAX Corporate does an incredible job of creating housing reports. Do you want to know what to expect in the housing market in Canada for 2016? Below is a summary of the 2016 Housing Market Outlook Report put out by RE/MAX. If you have any questions regarding the housing market outlook 2016 or are looking for information in our local area, our contact information is listed below.

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Housing Market Remains Strong in July

VIREB’s active spring and summer housing market cooled down slightly in July but the market is still significantly stronger than it was one year ago however.

“We haven’t slowed down at all this summer, which is unusual. Normally, July and August are quieter due to consumers’ holiday plans.”

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Vancouver Island Forest Fires and Your Health

Vancouver Island has mild winters, green springs, and a hot weather summer weather. Carelessness has sparked forest fires in much of BC. Now forest fires and your health is a real concern in many BC communities. Here in Nanaimo we are fortunate to not have experienced a substantial wildfire, but if you are in an area that may be effected by smoke here are some recommendations for staying healthy.

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