11 Reasons to Stage Your Green Home

The benefits of staging your home are plentiful. However, the process to stage your green home can be somewhat different from the staging of a traditional home. In order to show off your green home’s best features, it’s important to have an understanding of what that involves. Do you have recycling and composting systems? Are there air purifying and nontoxic cleaning products visible? With the sustainable features of your home displayed, polished up, and organized, buyers looking for green homes will be more than impressed.

Hillside House Green Homes Pheasant Hill Homes

Hillside House Green Homes Pheasant Hill Homes

Increasingly consumers are seeing Green as a way of saving money on energy usage while protecting the environment. That’s just a starting point for exploring sustainable communities, Green remodelling & staging, and quality of life. Though there is plenty of information on staging we have yet to find much on why you should stage your Green home. Your yards are equally as important. Take the time to make your outside space as Green as your inside space. Buyers visualize usability of the yard space as well as the interior of a home, and having the yard trimmed, free of debris, and appealing also goes a long way to getting the home sold!

11 great reasons to stage your Green home!

  1. Makes the house look updated & less cluttered
  2. Appeals to a wider market
  3. First impressions stick – within 3 minutes a potential buyer knows whether they want your home or whether they should move on
  4. Listing and images on MLS will be more appealing
  5. Makes for a quicker sale
  6. Helps you organize and pack up your possessions
  7. Highlights green or other unique features of your home
  8. Higher appraised value
  9. Positive return on investment (which has proven to be more for a Green home)
  10. More interest which leads to more showings
  11. Potential buyers will be able to visualize the home potential

Don’t forget to stage porches, alcoves, and patios as well as highlight features such as rainwater catchments and energy efficient systems. They are an extension of your living space!  Stage your Green home and see the benefits.

If you are looking for more information on how to stage your Green home or for Green homes and builders in Nanaimo contact us we’ll get you in touch!

Image via Pheasant Hill Homes.



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