5 Reasons to Give This Holiday Season

It has been said that individuals and communities who value generosity live a much more fulfilling life. It has even been proven that volunteering will improve your overall health. There are many benefits received by giving, whether it’s giving your time or other resources. Do you have personal reasons to give this holiday season?

1. Health benefits

  • Did you know that a surge of dopamine and endorphins is released in our systems each time we do something pleasurable? Charitable giving will ensure we feel pleasure in the deepest parts of our bodies and souls.
  • Being generous has been proven to reduce blood pressure levels.

Reasons to Give

2. Personal fulfillment

  • Happiness is a feeling that we all strive for, and giving can make that search much easier and provide lasting satisfaction in life.
  • Being rewarded with a feeling of contribution and belonging.
  • Witnessing the ripple effect of our giving inspires others and does make a difference.

3. Community engagement 

  • Giving to our community and local organizations provides important safety networks. Creating a network system you can rely on during emergencies is important for feeling secure and safe in your area.
  • Because most of these organizations obtain the majority of their funding from private donations, deeper relationships are forged through giving.
  • By donating to a cause or organization you believe in, you are prolonging the life and spirit of that organization and the other people who work to support it.
  • Giving locally can provide support for programs that enhance a community’s overall well-being.

4. Corporate morale 

  • Research indicates that employees who contribute their time and/or money to a corporate cause with their peers and supervisors are more likely to have improved workplace morale.
  • Participating in your company’s giving campaigns can make you feel more like a part of your corporate team. Team building while working towards a common goal creates a more unified work environment.
  • Employers can benefit from improved employee retention through team donations. The company can create internal giving campaigns and volunteer opportunities for employees to boost morale.

5. Social Connection

  • Generosity promotes a sense of trust and cooperation. Research has shown that having positive social interactions is central for good mental and physical health.
  • When we give to others, we make them feel closer to us and in turn we feel closer to them, creating meaningful social relationships.
  • Fostering a heightened sense of cooperation and interconnectivity in your social community.

What are your reasons to give?

Whether your reasons to give are mentioned above or have your own connection with giving, authentic generosity is always rewarded.

RE/MAX of Nanaimo is a proud supporter of our local Secret Santa program. If you would like to learn how you can give your resources please contact 250-740-1650 or email [email protected] 

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