USA National Housing Report May 2016

The Canadian market is influenced by the the currency and real estate in the United States. It appears that as a nation, the 2016 home-buying season has just started. That is quite different than our local market which saw an early start to the home-buying season. Find out from the USA National Housing Report for May 2016. USA […]

Canada Housing Market Outlook 2016

RE/MAX Corporate does an incredible job of creating housing reports. Do you want to know what to expect in the housing market in Canada for 2016? Below is a summary of the 2016 Housing Market Outlook Report put out by RE/MAX. If you have any questions regarding the housing market outlook 2016 or are looking for information in […]

Solid Home Sales in Nanaimo

Typically, for the month of August we see a slow down in the real estate market. After all this is a time many home buyers and sellers choose to spend with family and take vacations. Turns out this year was slightly different, August of 2015 was busy right to the end with solid home sales in Nanaimo. This explains […]

RE/MAX Recreational Property Report 2015

Each year RE/MAX issues a recreational property report. The report gives us a National overview of the recreational properties families are buying in Canada with featured locations for each Province. The Globe and Mail reports that Vancouver still have a strong interest from foreign buyers, even in the wake of a new property tax for foreign buyers. […]

A Great Place to Invest

Technology and media has made what was once so far out of reach finally attainable. We hear in real-time events that are happening around the world and know instantly when markets change in countries across the globe. Now more than ever we are able to connect and invest in other countries. This globalization opens up […]