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Do Buyers Really Buy Houses Online?

There was a time when all properties had to be found through your REALTOR’s copy of a printed catalogue. Now of course, you can search and connect to homes virtually from anywhere in the world. It does happen that some buyers find a property through their online search and do in fact buy it before stepping foot on the property. This is when using a global organization such as RE/MAX, and your RE/MAX professional, can provide invaluable guidance.

RE/MAX REALTOR® will provide critical “local knowledge” that has been accumulated through research, training and experience. That experience is what you can count on to make sure the property meets the expectations envisioned in your online search.

Buy Houses Online

Your real estate agent works for you while you take care of other things. Online collaboration to buy your home.

To buy or not to buy houses online

Yes it does happen and it works surprisingly well. Buying before seeing your dream home in person may not be our first choice or recommendation, but there are situations where it does happen. It may be due to circumstances involving a job transfer, on behalf of a family member or an urge to have that new home ready for the movers when you arrive in a new city. It can also be when the perfect home has been spotted and market conditions make it possible the home will sell before getting a chance to view it in person.

When you work with a RE/MAX professional you are covered with an umbrella of protection offered by professional licensing and the RE/MAX corporate standards. Agents working on your behalf have a fiduciary duty, in law, (speaking specifically of Canada) to work in your best interest. You want to tap into their knowledge of neighborhoods, significant changes that could impact the neighborhood and understand if the area is improving, static or in decline.

Schools, hopsitals, transportation, noise, traffic and so many other factors should be understood. Once your agent is fully aware of your needs on many of these factors, they can suggest areas for you to focus your search. They’ll be happy to help in the search, but the beauty of the internet is being able to jump in and particpate in the process from a distance. The process should become a collaborative effort, with the agents “eye’s on the ground” making sure you know anything that might impact your buying decision.

So yes buyers really buy houses online. This happens most successfully when you combine your online efforts with an experienced professional in your destination community.

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