Halloween in Canada

You may have just immigrated and landed on the shores of Canada right here in the beautiful city of Nanaimo. The season of fall is here and shown by the changing leaves and abundance of stylish scarves pulled from the closet. There are celebrations that come with this particular season such as Halloween. Halloween you say? Whether you have immigrated or celebrate Halloween annually, read on to learn more about Halloween in Canada.


On your recent trips to the stores you might have seen the following:

  • seemingly strange objects that you are not familiar with (like skeleton costumes or carved pumpkins)
  • perhaps you passed by homes decorated with funny or even weird decorations
  • or come into contact with teens in costumes and masks that you may not know what to make of

The costumes can included helmets and metal breastplates, like a solider from Ancient Greece. Are you wondering, just like me, what could be happening in this wonderful city of Nanaimo? Welcome to Halloween in Canada! Wherever you are from, I hope that this article on Halloween in Nanaimo, Canada will inform and entertain you.

Halloween in Canada

What is Halloween?

You could have heard of this seasonal event when talking with yours friends or peers. You could have heard about it from the excited children on the streets and in the nearby stores. You may have heard of it in school, temple, mosque, or church.

Halloween is an annual event that is held in North America and some parts of the world on the last day of October of each year. The event is celebrated a night before the All Saints Day. Halloween is not celebrated as a night for commemorating the All Saints Day and is a distinct event from the All Saints Day. It is even believed that the name “Halloween” was culled from the all saints day.

Halloween is marked with wearing hilarious costumes, carving shapes and faces onto pumpkins, decorating the inside and outside of buildings and going trick or treating for candy.

How did Halloween begin?

Legend tells us that Halloween actually started as a carnival celebrated in the ancient Celtic states. The inhabitants of these ancient states had the impression that at the end of summer the earth revolved very close to a planet whose occupants were creatures that could not be perceived by human eyes. The legend says that by virtue of the close proximity of the earth to this strange planet during a particular time of the year, the occupants of this strange planet found it easier to visit earth.

These occupants were believed to not just be mere creatures but supernatural beings that possessed enormous powers. Different festivities were organized to scare away these supernatural creatures and stop them from gallivanting all over the earth. The influence of Christianity in Europe made the day to be later known as Halloween.

Who celebrates Halloween?

In contemporary times, Halloween is celebrated by kids, adults and people from many different cultures. So if you choose – it’s time to go buy a costume and some candy for the big night of Halloween in Canada! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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