Nanaimo Real Estate: Home is Where the Heart is

“Home is where the heart is”- a pretty trite saying, but it sure rings true for a lot of Nanaimo real estate owners who work far away and come back home when they have time off. Several families we’re lucky enough to call clients (and friends) have moved here from Vancouver, Alberta, or further afield, and continue to work “off-island”.

Nanaimo Real Estate: low price, high quality

Why? Well, it makes sense for a several reasons. For one thing, the price is right. Nanaimo has the best selection of real estate at the best price points of all the larger urban centres in BC. No need to skimp on quality or space here like you would in those other nearby cities that start with V! A dollar in Nanaimo can stretch a lot further than it can elsewhere, which leaves room in the budget for the travel expenses you might incur with work that takes you out of the city. (Although a lot of the time, those costs are covered by employers.)Easy Travel to and from Nanaimo

Speaking of travel, that’s another reason those who work far away choose to buy real estate in Nanaimo. It’s the hub city! Many think of Nanaimo as “just” a point to pass through, but that’s what makes it so great! It really is well positioned to make travel easy. Whether that’s over to Vancouver on the seaplane, or on a flight to Calgary for work, this city is one in which getting around is so easy. And with the proposed passenger ferry from Downtown Nanaimo to Downtown Vancouver, travel between the cities will only get simpler.

Home is where the heart Is

Living in Nanaimo and working in another city, province, or even country, is becoming more and more popular as a lifestyle choice. It makes perfect sense to those of us who already live here, because our quality of life is so darn good!

 Are you from out of town? Come visit Nanaimo today!