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Consumerism can very generally be defined as a preoccupation with and inclination toward the buying of consumer goods. There are other interpretations as well but to simplify it – we work more, to earn more, to spend more.


While there are different types of consumerism, the decision to buy a home falls into the category of “purchase with a high amount of decision making”. These types of purchases are usually unfamiliar and expensive and the items are bought infrequently – cars, homes, or computer systems for example. The buyer often invests a significant amount of time gathering information before committing to the purchase because there’s a high degree of risk financially.

Buying a new home

When looking at scaling down, you’re going to spend a lot of time on that decision. What items can you not live without in a smaller home, and what can you easily dispose of? If you’re at a place in your life where you don’t want to worry about so much “stuff”, you’ll need to be honest with yourself in your assessment and get rid of whatever is surplus or not used.

Is your new home move-in ready or are you going to do some renovating. If you’re renovating, will you consider the type of materials you use? Are they environmentally friendly, are they sustainable? Are they durable or will you end up replacing them again before long?

Informed purchase with your home

To avoid falling into the consumerism trap, you’ll want to make sure your decisions are made based on as much information as possible. Are the materials going to last or will you be replacing it all again in a few years? This can apply to both the house structure itself, as well as the fixtures and fittings inside. Can you lower your impact on the environment by using more energy efficient items or fixtures that help reduce your water consumption?

Give careful consideration to the purchases and investments you make. Evaluate whether or not they are a necessity or a luxury, the origin (how it’s made and where) and what impact it may have on the environment. Then make your decisions based on what best meets your needs, in the most economical way.

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Fall Cleaning – Scaling Back on Consumerism

How can scaling down on consumerism can help simplify your life? Can it actually get you into a smaller home? Perhaps it’s time to do some fall cleaning and scaling back on consumerism.

Fall cleaning

Consumerism is, very simply, our inclination toward buying and owning a lot of “things”. By scaling back on consumerism, we are less controlled by the things we own and are better able to live life without added stress.

Simplifying spaces

We don’t have to pay for storage units because we have so many possessions. We don’t have the added financial burden of paying a bigger mortgage on a larger home, not to mention the extra utility costs, extra insurance costs for all our possessions and extra property taxes.

Scaling down and getting into a smaller home not only reduces the financial obligations you face, but lowers the stress associated with it.

The time and money we put into managing all our stuff can be significant. A bigger house means more time spent cleaning, more time for maintenance and repairs, and less time for enjoying your life and your family. Scaling back on consumerism gives you the opportunity to really experience the things you want to experience – a quick trip somewhere fun, going to the kids after school activities or sporting events or lazing away a sunny day with friends and a bbq.

Space planning

Smaller homes can be just as tasteful, cozy, relaxing or beautiful as a larger home. Planning the space, deciding which piece of furniture makes the most of the living room, or laying out your bedroom furniture in the most attractive way ensures you’ll enjoy the smaller home just as much. Let the kids plan their bedrooms  – how it will look and what to put where, so they’re comfortable right from the start. If they can make the space their own, they’ll adjust to a smaller space before you know it.

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