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7 Tips For Securing Your Home When You Travel

For a lot of people, a winter vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Have you thought about securing your home when you travel? How can you make sure your home is secure while you’re away for a couple of weeks enjoying the sun?

Securing Your Home

  1. Mail hold. Contact the post office and ask them to hold your mail while you’re away. Mail won’t pile up in your home mailbox, reducing the risk that burglars can easily discover their next target. The cost is minimal but the peace of mind is priceless.
  2. Snow removal. Hire a gardening company or snow removal service. Depending on where you live, you might want to consider hiring someone to either mow the lawn or clear the snow from your sidewalks and driveways while you’re away.
  3. Light timers. Buy some timers to turn on your lights at random times. This gives the appearance that someone is home and lowers the risk of someone trying to break in.
  4. Parking vehicles. Have a neighbor park their car on your driveway so the home doesn’t look empty, especially if you’re taking your car with you or leaving it the airport.
  5. Buy a safe. Buy a code-opening safe for your valuables. Locking up your jewellery, trinkets or important papers ensures they’ll still be protected when you’re away. Depending on the size of the safe you purchase, you can tuck it away where it’s not easily seen or found.
  6. Garage door. Disable the electronic garage door opener. Because garage door openers have codes, it’s possible for someone to figure out how to open the door with another remote. By disabling the system, it makes it virtually impossible for someone to gain access using another remote.
  7. Home security system. Install a home security system that you can have monitored, or that you can check yourself on your phone. You’ll be immediately notified if there’s a problem and can deal with it as soon as you become aware of it.

A lot of home insurance policies require someone check on the home every few days, so make sure you know the requirements of your specific policy. Arrange for a friend or neighbor to go in the house every few days just to make sure there are no water leaks or other issues. 

If you are considering a long term holiday and would like to rent out your home, call our in-house Property Management team at (250) 751-1223.

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