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4 Homework stations for kids, Back To School

4 Homework Stations For Kids

School will soon be back in full swing, and the kids loaded down with homework each night. But do they have a dedicated space to get it done? Here are 4 homework stations for kids, Learn how to create a space the kids will be able to use to get the homework done, with a minimum of fuss.

Homework Stations For Kids

  1. Kitchen desk. Does your kitchen already have an area like a “phone desk”, or a spot where your countertops extend far enough to create a desk work space? This is ideal if you want to keep an eye on what they are doing. You’re also nearby to offer assistance if they get stuck on a math problem.
  2. Loft beds. These look like a typical bunkbed, except the bottom bunk is a dedicated work space to get the homework done all in one place. Work down below, sleep up top, and use the rest of the bedroom for whatever activity your child enjoys. Check out places like Staples, Home Depot or Ikea for the bed best suited for your child.
  3. Flip-down, wall mounted units. Are exactly what they sound like. These are compact units designed to fold up when not in use, making the most of a small space. They keep the kids organized, but are safely out of the way when you don’t need them.
  4. Modifying a kitchen island. Install a narrow shelf below the overhang if you are planning a renovation anytime soon that includes an island. Use a hidden power source and a place to store laptops and other homework essentials. The clutter stays hidden and the kids can do their homework in the kitchen.

Are you a handyman?

Other ideas for the handyman in the family include:

  • Converting a small closet into a work space.
  • Using chalkboards as a desktop (these are great for doing math problems).
  • Re-furbishing an old crib into a work station.

Whichever way works best for your family, be sure there’s storage space to keep supplies nearby and a trash can for any garbage the kids create. Also, make sure the desk or furniture are at a height the child won’t grow out of in the next year. You don’t want to be rebuilding the wall unit every year and it’s much easier to adjust a chair height as they grow.

Browse homework station ideas on Pinterest.

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